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Informed choices for Immunisations

Informed choices for Immunisations

27 May 2016

The introduction of Immunisation in Australia in 1932 reduced deaths from vaccine preventable diseases by 99% even with the population tripling in size over this period. Immunisation has assisted in preventing an estimated 3 million deaths each year worldwide.

For immunisation to be most effective in communities by reducing spread of bacteria and viruses that cause disease we require “Herd Immunity”. Herd immunity requires 95% of the population to be immunised to help protect those who cannot be immunised due to medical reasons.

Immunisation provides protection for your child/infant, family and the greater population. In order for parents to make informed choices about immunisation, information must be evidence based and scientifically proven. The trouble with research on the internet is that many articles and sites are there to induce scare tactics with incorrect details about how immunisation can harm children.

Some informative evidence based sites for parents to conduct research on immunisations are as follows:

The science of immunisation gives parents a total understanding of how vaccinations work. It is very easy to understand and definitely worth the read:

The National Centre for Immunisation Research & Surveillance offer information that is easy to understand including a MMR decision making tool:

Immunise Australia provides information on what immunisations are on the National Schedule and information on immunisations in a variety of ways i.e. fact sheets

If you have any concerns or worries regarding immunisations please feel free to make an appointment to discuss with your GP or nurse.

Author – Melanie West
Registered Nurse

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