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01 December 2016

So here we are yet again at the end of another fast-paced year….if you have not noticed. Young woman, mothers and women of child-bearing age playing a huge role in society, is constantly up against the demands of motherhood, that full-time job you just can’t do without, and in general the community, as a lot of eyes are on your performance.

Performing at your best, will not come if you are not feeling at your best. If you are feeling a little run down or you know someone that appears flat, STOP for a minute and think about your health and what it means to you….. and the bigger picture…….and I am referring to family now.

It all starts with YOU.

YOU making the decision that YOU are taking control over your health.

In this performance-driven time we live in, it is essential to take a step back and determine our health needs as cardiovascular disease, breast cancer, depression, osteoporosis and auto-immune disease present as our most common enemies.

So, what am I suggesting to you? A simple health check every year.

Why is it important?

This gives you an opportunity to get to know YOUR doctor/physician associate team and other members of the medical team. This will build a trusting relationship so that over time you will feel comfortable talking openly about your health. A health check also ensures that if present, we find, prevent or treat health issues that can affect your life.

What can a health check include?

  • Updating medical history and talking about current health issues and the treatment thereof
  • Discussing risk factors that may predispose to certain health issues
  • Performing tests if indicated for example routine blood test, x-rays and scans
  • Advice with regards to lifestyle and healthy habits.

Australia’s healthcare compares well with other developed countries and still many Australian women misses out on key information for health management.

Take that step today and take control over your health. Come talk to us- we are here to help YOU be the healthiest you can be.


Author: Judith Beneke
Biomed. Sc, B. HSc. Physician Assistant

© Townsville & Suburban Medical Practice, 2016.

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